Monday, June 12, 2006

Matthew's Stats

Matthew’s 2006 stats…
Games 16
AB 51
Hits 33
AVG .647
Runs 20
RBI 13
TB 105
2B 5...5th on team
HR 1
SL% .800
He put the ball into play 84% of the time…6th best on the team.
I'd only give the boy a single if the reason he got extra bases was a fielding or throwing error.

…2 boys hit over .900…and almost a third.
…almost half the team batted over .800
…team batting average was .759
…73% of the team put the ball into play at least 80% of the time.
…the team hit one HR for every 7.6 AB’s…better than Ruth or Bonds.
…Scott hit one HR for every 3.6 AB’s

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