Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rain Delay High Jinks

Friday night we went to Lenox and the Peachtree Battle Starbucks. During the rain delay, and Stu/Lemke mentioned on the radio that an unnamed player took the field for warm-ups wearing Matt Diaz’s #23 jersey. Stu pointed this out to the third base coach, who quickly told Stu to be quiet.

I was checking out the Pirates web site over the weekend, since they have the all-star game. It’s tempting me to add them to the trip to see the Reds. The Cards go from Cincy to Pittsburgh, but now Puhols is hurt. Also tempting…the Cooperstown tourney late this month…an old neighbor went a few years ago.

Will’s first Braves jersey was a navy Chipper tee. He wore it a bunch, as did Matthew…so much so that holes were worn into it around the Braves logo. Matthew’s Javy Lopez Braves tee, also handed down from Will, is also pretty ragged. Will’s favorite tees are stained from wearing them all the time, diving, etc……only the ones he doesn’t like / wear get handed down to Matthew.

At the game last Tuesday Will finally became concerned about getting his expensive red jersey dirty. It was so hot I didn’t mention to Matthew about wearing his white polyester jersey…he really hasn’t worn it yet. Sure enough, he was hot and sweaty during BP, but wouldn’t have laughed had I reminded him of one of his favorite jokes…
Q. Why it so cool when San Francisco plays?
A. The stadium is filled with Giant fans!

Sunday afternoon John Watson, the little boy who lived next to us in Morningside, had a high school graduation reception. He was valedictorian at Grady, and is going to Tech to study engineering. At 16 he came in 20th in qualifying for the 2004 US Olympic kayaking team.

His younger brother James pitched a shutout and hit 2 grand slams in the same little league tournament game in Cooperstown...…and came in third in a home run derby involving 64 teams there at Cooperstown. A year or two later he had ACL knee surgery and is no longer playing baseball.

My boss took me to lunch again today. Thursday and Friday we worked through lunch so we wouldn’t have to work Saturday. It’s nice to spend time with him…most of the time we discuss non-work related topics…movies, Christianity, etc. He’s been so focused on solved these mountains of problems that it’s taking up all the time. I’ve had little time to pay attention to other duties. And there have been a lot of lunches with the boss. I think there’s another one tomorrow.

Anna decided she didn’t want to run in the Peachtree Junior Race this past Saturday, and neither Will nor Matthew wanted to run either. Even tempted Will with a round of golf afterwards. They had a birthday party late in the morning they didn’t want to miss.

Went to Johnson Ferry Baptist yesterday…made me appreciate the practicality of most NPCC sermons. On the way out I held the door for a lady. Shortly afterwards Matthew commented out loud “I never want to go to Johnson Ferry again!” The lady laughed, but not as hard as I was on the inside.

Anna’s style is drifty toward the jeans/tees/sandals/boots. She wanted to go to Johnson Ferry, where her friends go, but wasn’t crazy about having to wear a dress. I forgot to notice what girls were wearing, but her two friends were wearing dresses. I didn’t wear a tie or coat, but did tuck my shirt in…Jennifer Cordoza was singing, and her husband had his normal North Point untucked shirt look.
…See Terrance Moore’s column on Chipper and the HOF?
…Steve Nash is married with 2 baby girls? I wasn’t aware!
…Caught me on a day I feel like writing down all this stuff.
…Feel like I’m misspelling more words these days, even with spell check.

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