Monday, June 19, 2006

Six Flags, etc.

Friday afternoon I hustled home to take Will to his game up in the north Georgia mountains. I quickly changed clothes, kicking off my shoes next to the bed. The game didn’t start until 8:30, so it was 11:30 before we got home. Anna was spending the night at her friend Mary Lee’s house.

Saturday we left the house at 8 am, headed back to Jasper for a 10 am game. It ended at noon, but with a 4pm game scheduled in nearby Ball Ground, it didn’t make since to drive home and back. I could’ve worked on my laptop or gone sightseeing, but instead we ate lunch with the team in Ellijay. After a postgame Dairy Queen, we got home at 7 pm, exhausted.

Ceil arrived shortly after us, having been shopping and running errands all day. I had to make one more run to Publix. The kids carried the pieces of the new bunk bed upstairs, and pretty much put it together themselves, but we all got to bed later than I wanted.

Sunday we were out the door headed to church by 8 am. If you missed North Point, you might want to go online get a taste of the speaker…Holly, a 25-sh girl who works with the youth, told about her rocky relationship with her dad. Then Candy sang the Lindsey Lohan song ‘confessions of a broken heart / daughter to father’, which fit perfectly. In two weeks Andy said he’s telling ‘part’ of his story…could be when his dad got divorced and Andy left FBC Atlanta, just before NPCC came together. He’ll probably gloss over that and go into detail how they got back together relationally.

Afterwards we went to Six Flags with the Earharts. I was so tired that I didn’t mind standing in line. That’s where something interesting happened.

Matthew and I were alone in the slow-moving line for the mini-mine train roller-coaster. Matthew was well behaved, not bouncing around too much. After a while I handed him the Six Flags map to look at, and he studied it for a while. Eventually I picked him up and held him, as he likes me to do. I hadn’t paid much attention to the Mexican family in front of us with a stroller, but after I had held Matthew for a while, the lady pushing the stroller turned around and asked if Matthew wanted a Coke. They had a small cooler in the stroller, as well as other soft drinks outside the cooler. To thank her, I gave her one of my coupons for five 2-liter Cokes. Then she gave me a Mountain Dew. It was the classic Coke commercial, strangers coming together sharing a Coke.

Hanging out with his buddy Daniel, Matthew also rode the log flume, airplanes, rocking boat, hot air balloons, monster plantation, and the carousel. They played in the new Skull Island water section too. Lee and I were able to cool off just standing near all the water. Anna and Will rode different rides, but also played in the water.

We got home around six. Tech was winning in the 9th with one out and two strikes to the next batter, so I flipped over to see Mickleson leading the U.S. Open, before making a quick Kroger run. Then Will and I went to the Braves game. Got home around 1 am, listening to Miami beat Dallas in OT on the way.

Dressing for work this morning, there were my shoes, right where I left them. Seemed like minutes before.

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