Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tech / Irish In-Game Update

Like Brent said, Tech should’ve thrown the fade to Johnson before settling for a field goal. As I’ve always said, if they can beat Auburn and Miami, and play Notre Dame like they have in the first half, why can’t they beat all the lesser teams? I’d much rather them not lose to Wake, UNC, UVA, and Duke. I know the defense was exhausted on that last drive in the first half, but it seemed like Tenuda quit blitzing on that drive. We’ll see how big that dropped interception on that drive will turn out.

Reggie Ball continues to throw off his back foot, or falling away. Calvin looks better than ever. Just what the Falcons need!

UAB is playing Oklahoma so tough…hopefully they’ll let down next week. And hopefully Tech won’t let down next week. Though I said back when the schedule came out that I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Joe T looked serviceable for the Dawgs. Cox didn’t look as good, throwing the ball up for grabs. All the Dawg fans have been clammering for months for Matthew Stafford to play. Didn’t they think that perhaps with a huge lead they’d get their chance? Richt had even said he could play three QBs. But when Stafford entered the game in the 4th quarter, two-thirds of the crowd had already left. People will forget that he came in fresh against a very tired Western Kentucky team. For all the talk about having such a strong arm, he did show nice touch…but will he be able to sidearm throws down the middle of the field against Auburn or Florida?

The refs made the right call on Henderson’s fumble on his first punt return. Hopefully he learned a lesson. I would’ve benched him, but Richt showed what a great couch he is, gently talking to him, then sending him back out there for another return…and how it paid off. I thought I saw a clip on that second return, so during the end zone angle replay I watched the blocking…and counted four clips on the return. No wonder he scored a TD! Even after the embarrassing first fumble, as Henderson fell into the end zone on the second return, he stretched the ball out…only to quickly tuck it back close as he fell.

Logo creep…Auburn’s navy jerseys now sport the ultra cool Under Armor logo. Have the Terps had that logo on their jerseys the last few years?

Adam LaRoche continues with the hot bat…amazing. Hopefully the pitchers will show up tomorrow. Devine looked good on the one pitch I saw him throw.

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