Monday, February 12, 2007

February Doubleheader

Will played a chilly doubleheader Saturday afternoon with some of the boys he played with in Cooperstown this summer, at Shaw Park. They lost both games to the Acworth Warriors. Shaw Park scored seven runs in both games, and Will scored three of them.

He played the first two innings of each game in centerfield, then played shortstop the rest of each game. Will caught at least one fly ball in the outfield, and threw out at least three batters at first on groundouts. He threw a good relay to third from the outfield, and twice held batters to doubles on balls hit to the fence in the outfield gap.

In the first game Will hit a hard grounder past the shortstop for a single, took second on a passed ball, and scored on a hit. In Game Two he hit a nice line drive into left field for a hit. He stole second on the first pitch, advanced to third on a groundout to short, and scored on a single.

His second time up he barely missed a triple, when his line drive landed just foul. Instead he drew a walk, and again stole second on the first pitch. He took third on a wild pitch, and scored on a hit. Will flew out to center to end the game. He said he just got a piece of the ball, but it still traveled a long way.

Will’s Mt. Paran Warriors team practiced from 11:45 to 1:30. Practice was easy on me, as Frank McElwain, Henry Bartlett, and Tracy Ellis were there to help. I was able to catch as all the pitchers took a turn on the mound. Clay McElwain smoked a fastball right down the middle, and it tipped my glove and hit me right in the stomach. It didn’t knock the wind out of me, so I came out of it unscaived…perhaps the three layers of clothes cushioned the blow.

After dropping Will off at Shaw Park, I hustled over to the last half of Matthew’s practice at Sewell Mill Baptist Church. Ceil said Matthew had done well before I got there, and even in the windy conditions, he hit many whiffle balls with authority. Hopefully this season he can focus and hit the ball hard, which will translate into more extra-base hits. He also fielded and tagged well.

After Matthew’s practice we dropped by McDonalds for a beloved Happy Meal. Then we got to the field in time to see Will bat twice in the first game, and the entire second game. When Matthew wasn’t playing around, he sat in my lap to keep warm.

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