Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can Braves Take the Wildcard?

I haven’t talked as much about the Braves as I used to. Hopefully Chipper can remain healthy, of course. His numbers are down due to an early slump, but you can tell from his quotes that he knows what to work on and what to leave alone.

With Infante coming back, and Anderson and Diaz hitting well, and Prado able to play first, second, and third, there is no need to give up prospects for another bat. Hopefully Johnson can be hot the rest of the year, otherwise he won’t get much playing time. McLouth has been streaky, but he gives another veteran presence at the plate and in the field.

What happens when Hudson returns? He says he’s in no hurry because everyone is doing so well. Does he replace KK? Does KK go to the pen for the rest of the season? They would have to do something for next year, but shouldn’t be too hard. Are Gonzo and Moylan showing signs of overuse?

Kincaid likes to rail on the Braves, especially with his Phillies getting hotter. Whatever argument a caller might have, he’ll use some specific info back against them. He did agree that should the Braves get the wildcard, Wren could be GM of the year.

Felt bad last night and this AM, but better as the morning wore on. Thought it wouldn’t be a good day to go out to lunch, but sure enough, the Ogre drug me out. Chinese, which was good. Not too much work discussion. Now that I’m back we need to rework some job duties, and the Ogre started some transitions while I was gone.

Pretty quiet on the customer front, but hopefully I can get some projects finished. One big transition is almost complete…it was good that a lot happened on it while I was gone, so others would be more acquainted with it. Unfortunately another unplanned transition may have to happen, due to financial considerations. A lot of work, but we should save money in the long run…as well as get better service from our vendor.

Need to get going on some small projects at home, with no baseball for a few weeks. Made a list and was ready too go last night, but felt too bad. Ceil downloaded some baseball pictures, I just need to post some.

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