Monday, July 06, 2009

Peachtree By The Numbers

KIRK…of all the runners with Time Group Four numbers, Kirk finished 8th. He had the added handicap of starting in Group Seven, meaning he had more walkers to go around than those actually running in Group Four. Only ONE Group Seven runner had a faster time than Kirk.

He finished 706th overall, out of the 55,000 runners (in years past, the top thousand runners to finish received a trophy), and was the 37th seventeen year-old to finish.

WILL…finished 232nd in Group Seven, out of perhaps six thousand.

DIXON…finished 282nd in Group Six, 6991st overall. He evidently dusted Will at the finish, beating Will by two seconds. That’s a long time…Will finished 7020th, 19 places behind Dixon.

DANIEL…of all 10 year-olds, Daniel finished 66th! Only ten 10-year-olds finished in less than an hour. Later I’ll see how Will and Dixon fared in their age groups.

Myron and I were no slouches, beating over 34,000 others. I told Myron he likes Costco so much, he named his son Kirkland.

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