Wednesday, October 07, 2009

0-3 With 3 Errors

Tuesday night Will’s team played a team made up of five former teammates. Don’t know if Will realized the manager of his new East Cobb team was watching. Michael struck Will out on three pitches to lead off the game, and later weakly grounded out to first. Ryan T also struck Will out, also on a curve. Granted, Will’s been busy and hasn’t had much practice lately.

Tanner pitched well…it was scoreless going to the bottom of the fourth. Tyler got two hits many centerfielders could’ve caught, but with Will catching and Tanner pitching, the other fielders weren’t deployed optimally, in my opinion. Little lefty Michael couldn’t cover the needed ground. Young Nathan is impressing, both at catcher and 2B. Charlie W made several good plays.

The plate area was quite muddy…Will fouled one straight down. It didn’t bounce, but plugged into the mud. With a slim Crown crowd, I spent the entire game over on the Sandy Plains side, with the parents I’d hung out with all summer.

With Tyler on second and two out, one of the few balls got away from Will. Tyler was almost to third as Will picked up the ball…he was about to throw, then tried to hold up. The ball slid out of his hand and hit halfway to third, and scooted past the third-baseman, allowing Tyler to score the first run of the game. That batter made the third out.

Same thing happened in the next inning. Michael stole third. Will made a strong throw that would’ve had him, but the throw tailed away from the third-baseman, and went into LF, where the fielder fell down trying to pick up the ball. Another run, then the batter made the third out. The SS came in to pitch the last inning, so Will moved to short…where he made another throwing error. At East Cobb all three balls would’ve been caught.

Last night I stayed up helping Anna with homework. Kinda under the weather today, but I’ve gotten a lot done.

What should the Braves do with Kelly Johnson? Cox can give a nice answer, since it’s Wren who’ll explore options and make the call. They could see how he does in the spring, open with him at 2B and Prado in RF, and bring up Heyward in June. Guess they’ll move a starter, with hopes of bringing in a slugging corner OF or 1B. Will they stand pat with Diaz, McClouth, and Schafer?

What are the chances Lowe moves to the bullpen to replace Gonzo/Soriano? I kinda wanted the Tigers to win.

Took off Tuesday afternoon to help clean up for the in-laws, who arrive today. They’ll probably arrive before everyone gets home from school. No big deal that Will misses youth tonight, but tomorrow Anna, Ceil, and Will are off to classes…Will has a meeting until 7 pm or so. We start our new small group tomorrow night as well.

Asked M where he wanted to eat (O’Charleys?) and he didn’t know. He loves Moes and dislikes Willies, but with Ceil and Anna it’s the other way around. I don’t like the spices at Chipotle.

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