Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Weekend Game, Etc.

Pitching the last three innings Saturday, Will struck out 5 of the 12 batters he faced. A tougher team than they had been playing, but still nothing like his summer competition. He walked three, and allowed a two-out seeing-eye RBI single…his only run allowed. Only threw 55% strikes, about average for him…but 62 pitches is too many for three 4-batter innings.

They won 6-2. Batting third, Will had two singles and a long double (said that was off the end of the bat). He scored twice, and had an RBI.

Saturday AM I was in a long meeting at Living Science, so I missed most of the game. As I drove up I saw freshman Charlie V approaching the plate. He’s played baseball for years, but probably rarely against older guys on such a huge field. Kinda chunky, he plays first. Got out of the car to see the CF racing back, then the ball hit the top of the fence and bounced high…and over for a home run.

After the game Will and I went back to Living Science, to help clean up after the yard sale. Charlie was there, still in uniform, clutching his home-run ball. They made just under $5000.00. Ceil bought a framed print for Anna’s room, and I came home with two yard tools, a TCU sweatshirt, Terrell Davis Broncos jersey, a window for the playhouse, and some golf clubs and balls. That afternoon one customer carted off two huge loads, and the rest we loaded into vehicles to take to Goodwill and other charities. Barely had room in my Civic to pick up Anna.

Saturday night I was exhausted from two full days of standing, so I watched most of the Tech game. Wasn’t in too much of a Braves-watching mood, but did catch Hanson and parts of both the extra-innings parts.

Sunday AM: interesting bridge presentation. In KidStuf, Matthew was sure he was the fun-loving orange, but late took the test and it came out another color. Matthew had rode to NP with me, and was thrilled to pass by Steve Fee, who was out texting in the parking lot. I reminded Ceil there was lots of cleanup needed before her parents arrive Wednesday, so I stayed home while she took the kids to the Fee concert that night. Matthew sat up front with all the teenagers, and loved it. Lots of Will & Anna’s friends went, including the cool Kyle, and Joel. My friend David took his daughter Margaret.

Took C and M to Chipotle Friday night, after they returned from Costco. Stayed up Friday night and watched “For the Love of the Game”, the Cosner baseball movie. I’d never seen it before. Anna and Will were off at sleepovers. Sunday I watched Click, another movie I hadn’t seen.

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