Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I read the last Bisher column because the title suggested he was retiring, and sure enough, that’s that he wrote about. Only there, at the time, did the AJC say he was retiring. Later they made it a bigger deal. I had wondered when he was going to retire. I remember the ‘Beat Bisher’ contests, though I never entered. Those T-shirts and bumper stickers would be collectors items now.

Stayed up to the end of GT/FSU, as you know, since the game was still up in the air. Figured I’d keep my streak going…I’ve watched or listened to most all the snaps all season. Did miss most of the game before the lightning delay, as Ceil was watching the President’s Cup (most of our weekend viewing). Next Saturday’s game against VT will be interesting, but obviously GT needs to get a defense.

Friday Will really wanted to hit, after his 0-3 / 2 strikeout game Tuesday. He hit 3 buckets before dark. Saturday he batted third, up at the old minor league field in Acworth. A black girl was pitching, with decent stuff. She struck out the oldest Maiocco boy, who had played for the Crown varsity last year before graduating. Will had a line drive single to left, then slammed one deep, that twisted foul, over the scoreboard 300 feet away. He pitched one inning and struck out two.

Matthew spent his birthday and saved up money on an I-Touch.

Our Warehouse Manager recently quit, a long-time employee around 35 or 40. He had built a nice house and filled it with toys, and when his salary was cut it made making ends meet impossible (he was just above me, in the 10% group). Faced with losing his house and truck, he took a job in Florida, and moved his young family back to a house his father owned.

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