Friday, February 05, 2010

Who Was the Snitch?

My dad is good about thinking things through. He had been interested in going up to Will’s baseball tourney in Omaha, because he could combine it with visiting relatives in northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa. I told him Ceil, Anna, Matthew, and I would be interested in going. When would we ever have the chance to drive through St. Louis and Kansas City, and see historic Rosenblatt Stadium? But thinking about it, I realized how tough and expensive the logistics would be…six people driving two thousand miles in a Honda Odyssey.

I mentioned such in my blog, using a particular phrase. Talking to dad a day or two later, his enthusiasm about the trip had waned, and he used the exact same phrase that I had put on my blog. Had someone read the blog and reported my thoughts to my parents?

Still, I’d like to take the trip.

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