Monday, October 03, 2005

Dodgers game four

Will’s Dodgers fell flat Thursday night, losing 10 – 3 way out at Hobgood Park in Cherokee County. They fell behind 6 – 0 in the first, then made nine errors in the last five innings.
They only managed two true base hits all night, so both the offense and defense fell flat the same night.

Will was the starting pitcher and struck out the leadoff hitter. He had to come out of the game after just four batters, as his back was hurting. Unknown to me, it had started hurting in practice on Tuesday, and Coach Chris didn’t want to take any chances.

Later he played an inning in left field and one at third base, but had no balls hit to him.

After striking out in the first, Will walked his next time up, in the 4th inning. He advanced to second and took third on a wild pitch, still with no outs. The next three batters were unable to put the ball in play, and Will was stranded there at third.

In the final inning Will grounded one hard to deep short. The throw came in high, arriving at the same time as Will. The large first-baseman stretched high to his left and made the catch. Will, running hard, tried to avoid him. There was a minor collision and both players fell to the ground. The base umpire looked to see if the first baseman held on to the ball, ready to call Will out. Though the ball was not dropped, the plate ump consulted with the base ump, ruling that Will was safe. Again Will made it to third, but with the bases loaded, the last two batters couldn’t drive any more runs in.

The sore back means Will won’t play three games Saturday, as he was asked to play an afternoon doubleheader in Powder Springs. Hopefully he’ll be able to contribute in the Dodgers noon game against Henry’s YellowJackets.

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