Monday, October 17, 2005

weekend ramblings

We had seven at practice...Nathan and Joe had something come up. We did a lot of hitting, in the gage and soft toss, and worked on making infield outs with guys running the bases. It clouded up and got dark early, so we didn't have long. We got some work in, and I think they had fun as well.

As you could tell from my novel, everyone contributed today. Everyone reached base and scored except Russell, who did reach base twice, in addition to his two putouts and assists. Russell or Curtis could've gotten the game ball, but after his big hit to win the game, I gave it to Mark Allen. On the way home Will thought he had gotten one earlier, but I couldn't remember that.

Here at work we like to eat lunch at the old rail station in old downtown Norcross...called the Norcross Station. Railroad theme, certainly not high brow. Open for lunch or supper...

We all thought Jenny would 'retire' from teaching now that their youngest had graduated from home-school high school (now he's a freshman at Tech). But she got a contract...teaching up at the Johnson Ferry school for home-schoolers. Ceil is threatening to send Will up there in January. He and Anna have taken classes there in the past.

While painting Friday afternoon I was blaring the TV, listening to Andy's Defining Moments message that I had to lead the discussion on that night. I found the questions and wrote them down. Since we had enough talkers there, it went well. The last two meetings have had real good discussions.

After Will's game I typed up an extra long recap for the head coach, since he missed the exciting game. Will had a teammate over, and we all went to see Sky High…not too bad for a teen/high school movie. Wild about Jason Collier. I saw it Sat evening at Moe’s, on the TV crawl of a college football game. That’s where we watched the end of the USC game. I was rooting for the Irish, to better UGA’s chances in the BCS. We took Allen home, near Kennesaw Mountain. After church Sunday Will and I took a van load of furniture to Macon, for my dad to sell. Arrived at my parent's house just in time to see the Falcons' game winning field goal. Will watched most of the NLCS game there. Kroger had gas for $1.469, so I filled up.

Almost finished painting the playhouse, but there's still caulking to do. Perhaps tonight when Ceil goes off with the girls. Looks like we'll be going to the party…hopefully there will be costumes ready. My kids seem to think that parents need to be in costume…is this true? I can always wear a baseball jersey.

Don't be like me. After an email two weeks ago asked my Myers Briggs score, so without thinking I looked it up, took the test, and replied back. On the way home, I got to thinking…was the Myers Briggs comment a way of saying I was way off on something I’d said, maybe a Braves opinion? And by replying without getting it, I had further incriminated myself as being even more na├»ve! I was mad at myself for replying so thoughtlessly…I had missed the slam! So I was chasing rabbits in my head. The Myers Briggs comment came out of the blue, and since I didn’t know what it was, I googled it. It all became clear when he said the group was taking it…I had gotten all worked up over nothing. I laughed at myself for getting all worked up!

No big news with us, though we’re resisting getting too involved at the Wednesday night activities at the big church around the corner. Anna has ballet two days a week. Will’s baseball is winding up this month. In a desperate move, they made me assistant coach! Matthew enjoys first grade, but has a front tooth that needs pulling. He is his usual adventurous self.

Ceil, Nancy, and the kids went hiking last Friday at a nearby state park.

Jim had built one for his daughters and started another, had it in his mom’s basement, had to move it, and decided to give it to us. Should have it up and finished in a few weeks. Last week Anna painted most of it herself! (I assisted). I’m concerned the doorway won’t be big enough for lawnmowers, etc.

Speaking of, Will has been spending his money on…landscaping equipment. He’s helped our friend’s son with his small business, caught the bug, and bought himself a gas powered blower. Passed out flyers in the neighborhood. Gets lots of practice in our yard. Wants an edger for Christmas. Dad is proud.

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