Friday, August 18, 2006

Cheap Sneakers

Normally I don’t check Lang’s postings on the SLAM site, but happened to last night. Lang had written about the Marbury shoes…he has always like Stephon ever since he was at Tech…even named his dog Starbury. Real interesting deal…perhaps he went that route because he couldn’t get a big contract. Also interesting that Shaq does the same thing…low priced sneakers. Some responding to Lang’s post wondered if many would buy them up as a novelty, making them scarce. Others said some NYC locations sold out quickly, including the one where Marbury appeared for autographs. I don’t see many kids wearing the Shaq shoes, but I’m probably not looking in the right demographic. I just haven’t read stories of any runaway success.

At the meeting Monday we were broken into groups and played a board game, they goal to get the highest return, OROOA. Our group was happy with our 63.5%, but two other groups beat us…due to how the dice rolls came out.

…why did Diaz just try for a double? They drive me crazy.
…It would be bad if Evander loses.
…my dad often runs into Kevin Brown’s mom in Macon, and his ‘estate’ isn’t far from where my parents live.
…smart of Richt to go ahead and name a starter…surely it won’t be Stafford so soon. You wonder if Barnes or Cox would quickly announce a transfer to avoid losing additional eligibility.

When I arrived at practice yesterday I got the news that enough older Colt players had registered, so they were reconfiguring the teams into one older Colt team and one younger Pony team. This was no huge surprise, so I will assist Henry with the Pony team, as both our sons fall in that age group. The Colt team never had an official coach, so by default it went to my former assistant, who has head coached before. I told him that Will could fill in with the Colts if they were running short. Yesterday Henry had the field for a regular practice and my team had the cages for BP, so the boys were redirected to the proper place. Yesterday afternoon I had spent a couple of hours playing with batting orders and positioning, and other stuff.

I’d like to go to a Pirates game, but Will has practice on Tuesday, and we all leave Wednesday night for SC…I’m working in our other Charlotte office next Thursday and Friday, and the whole family is going for the big family reunion that weekend. This weekend we’ll be at Six Flags tomorrow for my company picnic, then an outing at Will’s Science School, then a trip to Macon on Sunday. So I doubt we’ll hit the Braves game Monday.

Going to Orlando in October with the family, with the company paying for our hotel, I was thinking about booking something that offered free attraction tickets. Any advice? How early should I book? When I go in September I’ll probably schedule an afternoon visit to our Tampa office the day I go see the Rays & Orioles…probably Wednesday. Now I just got an email saying my Chicago trips will be during my September anniversary, that October Orlando trip, and Ceil’s November birthday…great.

Young Jimmy’s girlfriend had forwarded info on a memorial bike ride and included the link to her blog. Interesting story about a shark encounter. She links to Jimmy’s blog, which includes his text from the funeral.

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