Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pony / Colt Team One

The Little League team I got is ok…I knew my counterpart Henry would be at his weasel-ling best when we picked the teams. I needed certain guys so their dads could be assistant coaches, and there’s only one guy that I wished I’d gotten. The older Colt team didn’t have enough to field a team, so they are playing down with the Pony guys - they just won’t be able to pitch much. My younger guys are good players, but I wound up with weaker Colt guys, partly because of the assistant coach thing. The boys all have good attitudes, but it appears Will’s former teammate Justin will be added to the team. He’s a good player who can hit and pitch.

We got in a good practice last night after the thunderstorm…taking lots of infield/outfield while everyone got lots of hitting, first in the cage, then on the field. Meanwhile I had everyone pitch a little to check out how deep our pitching is. I kept it simple because it seems whenever a coach gets too technical in the first practice, it is forgotten by the first game. The two youngest boys on the team both appear to be good players.

We won’t have our schedule until the 30th…games will start after labor day, unless we scrimmage the other Mount Paran team. We could also hook up and play two of Will’s old coaches, at Shaw Park or Sandy Plains. Will can also fill in on Henry’s team when we have the chance.

Monday we turned on the radio while watching the Braves…everyone enjoyed hearing what happened before it appeared on the TV. It makes it nice if you’re doing something else…then you have time to get back to the TV in time to see it. Nice Sunday articles about Wickman. JF’s 2 hits last Friday were both to RF, as was his hit last night…nice that he’s going with the pitch more.

The financial/profit enhancement meeting the last 2 days was good…accountants could’ve gotten continuing education credit for attending.

I went to the dentist this morning…one day early. They took me anyway. Last night we discovered a VHS from 1991, when we camp counselors. Lang was finishing 11th grade, was relatively skinny, and looked like a dark headed Anthony Michael Hall. Our kids enjoyed the random video. I weighed almost 30 pounds less and had little grey hair. Ceil’s hair was permed. The Stooges, Mark Cable, and Peyton were there, and we all looked completely different. Bruce had hair and Lang looked a little like Anthony Michael Hall. Now I need to find the video of that Disney trip.

Will plays Madden all the time these days.

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