Monday, August 28, 2006

Notes From the Week

Think the Braves have it bad…the Pirates haven’t had a winning season since 1992…when Sid slid, when Bonds was on their team.

Listened to the Tuesday pregame and the 6-7-8th in the radio, before and after a meeting at Will’s science school in Woodstock. They keep playing like a team that cut $20 million from payroll. Will’s practice got rained out. He missed last Thursday and Saturday, and will miss this Thursday and Saturday, as will I. I’m starting off the season good!

When you think about the Hawks, it’s a pretty sad situation. At least the Braves won the last 14 years…the Falcons, Hawks, and Thrashers (and GT) haven’t come close to that…you can’t really complain about UGA football’s record, though some do.

Last Saturday we got a late start to Six Flags. Will took a friend and they rode a few coasters, so Anna and her friend, Matthew and I stuck to the smaller rides. Every year at the company picnic they draw names for prizes…this was the 16th picnic I’ve attended, and the first time I won anything - $50.00. The kids were excited. We left at 3:30, went home and got Ceil, and went out to Woodstock for the picnic at Will’s Science school. Saw lots of people we knew, so it was fun. Will got his first ever HS yearbook/annual. The Normans weren’t there…I think they had a relative getting married. I was sneezing all day, due to being cold the night before, then going from AC to heat repeatedly, so I made a late night run to Kroger for some drugs.

Still went to NP…as Ceil had gone early to work in Waumbaland, supposedly for the last time. Traffic at the 9 am service was bad for the second straight week…we’ll see what happens when the Browns Bridge people move out.

Ordered a 40th anniversary patch to sew on Will’s red JF jersey…they didn’t have any at Turner Field. I guess we’ll go to the game tonight, as Ceil and Anna have something to do. Will is bummed because I’m not leaving work early so we can make BP.

This weekend Will and I are playing in Ceil’s family reunion golf “tourney”. Will is playing on Friday while I worked…he got birdies on two straight holes, his first two ever. I won’t mind playing bad, but I actually played ok for me last month.

Looks like our small group will continue throughout the fall, as the schedule was just emailed out by our leader. There will be several we’ll miss, including this Friday.

I get along well with the Fab group in Charlotte. Nauman is a likeable, energetic guy, he brings out the best in me. Skinny, long hair, always smiling and considerate. Hussey is more detail oriented than me, a tennis player and golfer…was walking funny, due to a bad back. Likes diet Coke, so I told him my story and gave him a coupon. Hedrick has Johnny Damon hair I’m jealous of. Ashworth is a nice guy and devoted dad. Rookie Alex was catching on fast. Evelyn reminds me of Harriet, and just turned 60, a pleasant soul.

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