Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday July 27th

Came to work today…yesterday was the big day when everything happened at the Ewings. Everyone is still in shock, particularly Ceil, and to a lesser extent me. I figure I may have to take some time off here in the next few days, so I'll work while I can. Seems like Ceil has been on the phone all morning with people calling her.

Saw the photo of Becky Norman late last night, but it still shook me up when I saw it on the cover of the paper in the store this morning. Ceil’s continuing to take it hard, but the phone is ringing with lots of support. She’s going back to the Ewings later…I’ll probably leave work after lunch. I’m ok, except when I get another AJC email with that picture of Becky and Cynthia. Becky said Katherine would be home soon.

Guess I’ll trust JS on any Betemit deal. Nice to have Rosenthal not dissing the Braves like others in the media. Where does he live? LaRoche is really in a groove right now. Tuesday’s USA Today had lots of good things to say about the Braves, including how they’re still got their eyes on overtaking the Mets. Wild about Harold Reynolds…you can imagine how that hits me right now.

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