Sunday, October 29, 2006

A BSU Reunion

Nice touch to honor Harriet for her 27 years at the BSU. And nice that it was so well attended by graduates of all ages…Great to see so many old friends…I am a sucker for reunions, so this was right up my alley. No one stepped forward to the open mike to give a speech, though I should have bit the bullet and made a fool of myself one more time…I was afraid I wouldn’t have remembered much of what I had written the day before.

Looking around the room, in no particular order, I saw…Billy Brundage lives in Fayetteville, with at least two sons. Jim Johnston lives in Powder Springs and works at Lockheed. He remembers many crazy things we did, that I had forgotten. Wife Kimberly Kitchens Johnson homeschools their kids…as does Jenny Parker, who lives within walking distance of her parents in Snellville. Paul Morris’ younger brother John also lives near Snellville…his wife Mary Beth Owens Morris also homeschools.

Keith Harp! Karen was home in Suwanee with their 6 year old…they moved back from Raleigh a few years ago. I was able to talk to Keith for a long time, which was great. He said Jeff had visited them up in NC once. Keith said they had airline reservations to come to the Murphy New Year’s Eve / Freemon Missionary Sendoff in 95/96, but was sorry they didn’t make it. The Harps don’t live too far from my brother Frank, who brought wife Lori and kids Stuart and Sara. That younger guy that looked like Keith was also there.

David and Lynne Travis showed up. Still in Lithonia, they brought their two teenage daughters. David said he hears from Tom Leuze about once every three years…last he heard, Tom is teaching at a denominational college in Indiana. Greg and Beth Travis and Rex attended as well.

Tom and Melissa Jennings brought their tall 15 year old son and blonde 12 year old daughter. Melissa looks the same, though Tom’s hair is now straight. He looked good, but not how I remember him. They live in the new Johns Creek area and attend a small church near there. After living in Florida, they moved to Kansas, Tom said…the look on his face saying they didn’t like it there.

Wayne Price still works at Jordan, Jones, & Goulding…going on 27 years. He looked good…lives up in Jackson County. Son Mark is now at Gainesville Community College.

Mary Deaton enjoyed the evening. Goes to Prince Avenue, still works at Eaton. She said that Charles Bolian & family go to church where my brother goes.

Ken and Melanie Kopitke were snapping pictures. They live near Dayton. Their 14 year old had a marching band competition in the Georgia Dome this weekend, and their younger son was back home playing soccer. Ken loves baseball, and they’ve traveled to Boston and SF to see games. My kind of guy. While Harriet was talking Ken shouted to her to tell a particular story…Harriet out late with the girls at BSU convention.

Darrell Harrison showed off his beautiful three year old daughter and caught me up on Jeff Yearwood…reminding me that I am more out of touch than I need to be. Darrell also told me a story that I had forgotten…one of his first days at Tech, being Methodist, he checked out the Wesley Foundation, but found it locked. Discouraged, he walked by the BSU and decided to check it out. Walking in he encountered me, apparently leaving…but I stopped and took the time to make him feel welcome. How ‘bout that!

Robert Crabb and family were there…he hasn’t changed much, either. They still live in Gwinnett…Mary Deaton told me they have crossed paths a few times, and that his mother had been mayor up there.

Shane and Kim Austin came. I had seen Shane at Johnson Ferry Baptist a few weeks ago, and he told me at the BSU that he had spoken to Ceil just the day before, picking up our daughters from ballet at Eastside Baptist. The Austin’s still go to Mount Vernon Baptist, as does Danny Brundage, who was also there. Tommy Sweet still looks good, though he’s maturing into a distinguished older Southern gentleman…without grey hair. He is a builder with an office in East Cobb, near Johnson Ferry Road and Lower Roswell. He lives in Newnan. Speaking of Newnan, I hear Bill Headley is now a doctor, a family practitioner down in Jessup. He did not attend.

Dana Hammonds Sizemore was there with hubby Tom, still a smiling South Georgia country boy. They live near Raleigh. Dana says Warren still lives in Richmond, but left the convention and works for Meals on Wheels.

Al and Jane Rahn came, as did Bobby Evans and his wife. Bobby says he hears from Jeff every now and then. His wife told me she counsels at the Carrollton jail, after we had talked about the Jenny Ewing murder. The campus minister before Al was also there, as well as a few after Bobby, but no Johnny Pierce, Dave Stewart, or Tommy Prince. My old neighbor Warren Skinner joked that Al was campus minister before the first guy.

Former Maconite Jimmy Berry brought his family. I happened to be standing at the door to the meeting room when he walked in, and I recognized him and called him by name. I think he was relieved.

Got there around 6:45 and found a parking space right in front of the BSU, and didn't leave until about 9:40 pm...quite a fun evening.


Bob said...

Dana Hammonds Sizemore is married to Bob Sizemore not Tom and yes I am still smiling even though you got my name wrong.

Bob Sizemore

krypto said...

Wasn't Tom Sizemore a famous actor? Sorry, Bob! Hope you like the really dug deep to find this post. This is where you'll find my day to day comments on the Braves ups and downs...also on the Braves Facebook blog section. Tell Dana hello!

Bob said...

I would be glad to tell Dana hello if I knew your name.

krypto said...

I'm amazed! You are playing with me, and I'm not good at these games. I do try not to reveal my identity on this blog, though I throw around the rest of my family's names way too much. How did you find the blog? Who was not mentioned in this post? We're Facebook friends - you're friends with my brother as well. I once was Warren Hammonds room-mate, and I was in his wedding.

By the way...a south Ga good old boy is a good thing...I'm from Macon! (though I had forgotten I wrote that).