Thursday, October 26, 2006

Family Update

We Murphy’s are doing well…now we’re parents of a teenager!

Ceil keeps real busy home schooling our children…she loves it, though it consumes her. She keeps up good with Becky Norman. Ceil still misses Jenny very much, and has enjoyed taking Will over to the Ewings…Will helps George with his grass cutting business. Ceil received tons of support right around and after the funeral. Last night she finished up a Beth Moore women’s small group study, and we’re in another group with dear friends here in East Cobb.

Thirteen year old Will loves the little Living Science School he attends with the Norman boys on Tuesdays…run by a couple similar to the Hubert’s! All the students love “Mrs. D”, and Becky and I have chaperoned on some of their “expeditions”. Will continues to excel on the baseball field, playing with and against boys older than him…this fall Will made an unassisted triple play, pitched a no-hitter, and won a game with a walk-off home run. On Wednesday nights Will has been going to youth group at a small Presbyterian church near us, where many of his friends are. The Normans have been recently trying out that church.

Anna is ten, still taking ballet. We’ve tried to keep her young, enjoying her childhood. She and Will would like us to attend Johnson Ferry Baptist on Sundays, so they can be with more friends. Ceil, Matthew, and I prefer North Point for the messages (Matthew likes the rock music). We know many down at the Buckhead Church, including the Hurts, Ewings, and Tadros’, but feel more at home in Alpharetta.

Matthew just turned eight and is quite the artist…drawing and cutting with scissors, taping to make little devices and animals. Matthew marches to the beat of a different drummer, so he keeps us all entertained. He has dabbled in baseball as well. Thankfully all our children enjoy reading.

I just try and keep Ceil and the kids running in the right direction! Work is OK, still at what’s now called Ryerson Steel, going on 20 years now. My parents are hanging in there down in Macon, and Ceil’s parents still play golf up in SC.

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