Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Uni-Watch Scoop

Incredible scoop by ESPN.com's Paul Lucas regarding Kenny Rogers wearing a different cap than his teammates...to perhaps better hide foreign substances. Paul's is the Uni-Watch column.

Adam Wainwright was part of the JD Drew for Jason Marquis trade. People will forget that without Drew, the Braves miss the playoffs that year. Though he may become a dominant closer, he’s taken years to develop. We still have Wickman and Boyer, to begin naming names. I’ve seen Sosa milling about, but will he get into a game? I have missed several innings.

I messed up my car radio presets by hitting a button that I guess I’d never hit before. On the way to the game last night I was re-setting them. I knew 680 has an AM sister station (1250 or something), and in afternoon drive time they were rerunning the Dan Patrick show. Yesterday there were talking about Kenny Rogers.

Reid, the low-key Turner music producer, was driving an old Bonneville, in pretty good shape for its age…not in the market for a new car. His dad’s neighbor was selling his wife’s low mileage 1996 Mercedes, still in great shape. It was a deal Reid couldn’t pass up.

Saturday and Sunday I worked on taking out winter clothes and putting up the summer clothes. Will split his doubleheader, hitting well in game 1 and in game 2 pitching 3 innings of a 6 inning no-hitter. As usual, I’ll pass along the details. I have to leave early to get him to his 7 pm game in Smyrna…should be chilly. Watched the GT game Saturday night…Sunday I took the kids to the Picture Show to see Barnyard.

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