Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Playoffs

I liked LA because of all the ex-Braves on the team, though Drew and Lofton aren’t my favorites. I like Nomar and Jeter. Not a fan of SD…like the Cards better. I had thought the same about Clemens. In general, it seems that the press forgets that it should be ok for players to look out for themselves…like JD Drew or Peyton/Eli Manning. Clemens wanted to stay close to home and win a championship (he warmed up in the bullpen Sunday!). He surely toyed with everyone before signing…he doesn’t seem like the type to change his mind a bunch. Did he think he’d be better off not pitching the entire year…fresher at playoff time? I don’t see how he wouldn’t have factored in that the Astros weren’t a shoo-in for the playoffs. You’d think at least one of the media blowhards would’ve called him out, but perhaps no one wanted to get on his bad side. I’ll use this as the subject on my Fox blog, and see if anyone comments.

My old boss Steve and I were driving to Einstein’s for lunch, and a guy was walking far ahead of us…looked like a clown from a distance…red cap that looked like a wig, plaid baggy shirt, droopy red shorts/pants. We drove 2 more miles to Einstein’s…later, as we were eating, the same guy walked past.

Last week Will’s team lost a close game to a good team in Smyrna. He didn’t pitch well the one inning he pitched, but scored twice in 3 plate appearances and made several good plays at short. Coach Henry’s strategy is to develop other pitchers and catchers so the two best players, Will and David, aren’t pitching and catching all the time. Will has got to play a lot of SS, which is good. Will made a diving catch on a looper over third base, and also caught a line drive and doubled the runner off first.

You’d think a more even-tempered Torre type would fare better there than the volatile Piniella, but imagine Girardi not talking to the NYC press! Hate to see Joe go out this way, but that’s still going out close to the top…nine straight division titles, and 11 of the last 13 years…with four World Series crowns. ESPN was running a stat of most consecutive years with 90 or more wins…13 or 14, I think…one more than the Braves and Cox.

You would’ve thought that the Yankee lineup could overcome any pitching shortfalls…similar to the Braves situation this year, except the Yankee lineup was one for the ages. Who goes free agent this year…Sheffield? With all the changes, the Red Sox could take the flag next year. I think pressure had something to do with it as well. Funny how the SI story last week was “Collision Course…is another Subway Series inevitable?” Go Cards!

This postseason is interesting because no one left is really hot, unless it’s the A’s. The Tigers limped home in September, as did the Cards and Mets. So whoever heats up in October can run the table. I won’t even rule out the Mets. I had forgotten the Piniella – ARod connection. Lou will manage the Yankees over the Marlins?

For Atlanta, it makes some sense that old hands Eddie Perez and Brian Snitker are promoted, to keep up the Braves winning tradition, as opposed to bringing in someone from another team. That’s something to lose so much of your coaching staff. I guess the Mets will want to keep Glavine, with Pedro missing so much of next year.

Perhaps now the I’m back to normal I can keep up better…the in-laws were here until Sunday as well…the GT – Clemson game on the 21st will be big, but no way GT wins without Ball. I guess it’s good to win when the team comes out flat…I guess you can’t be up for every game…at my age/experience, I’d know I’d only get to play so many games, and treat each as special…easy to say anyway. Without the two returns UGA really got beat…perhaps they should’ve gone to another QB. Saturday night the in-laws wanted to keep tabs on the South Carolina game, so we were flipping between that, UGA, and baseball.

Busy week…Will has a game and a project due tomorrow for school. Ceil is going out two nights, and Will has practice tomorrow and Thursday and church on Wednesday. I signed up for a golf outing Thursday to hang out with boss Damon.

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