Saturday, October 28, 2006

More From The Week...

SF…hadn’t considered where to stay…somewhere cheap with breakfast? Location may not matter, as we’ll be bopping around, to Oakland, Berkeley, north of SF…I doubt we could go the 300 miles to Yellowstone.

I converted four of my AirTran credits to vouchers…I need to do the other two under my dad’s name. I’ll go ahead, though I really have another 2 months. I need to start looking at when to use them…June would be good, depending on what kind of ball Will is playing next spring. Just when I’ve been telling Ceil we really need to look at our budget/spending. We got a big income tax refund (and my bonus) that we should’ve used to fix up the house, but we’ve eaten it up with regular spending every month, even factoring in the raise I got. Some months are tighter than others…August is back to school, the car tags are due, Anna’s birthday, and fall baseball registration. Last month was actually not bad, and this month is going even better…I think.

Went downtown after work to Tech…traffic was fun. There’s another big Homecoming thing going on that sucked up parking spaces, not that there’s many to begin with. Hopefully the rain will cancel that outdoor event.

Don't think I don't know who Neil Sedaka is...but mainly from his one hit in the 70's. Whenever an oldie comes on I try to tell my kids a little about the history of the band and song. Last night I had Will and Anna in the car, and we were listening to oldies. Matthew calls Elton John "the Lion King man".Today Will bought "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" off the internet. He was never interested in it while he was playing the violin. Maybe he'll pick it up again. He has to build a toothpick bridge for his science class, so that should be some fun.

Will always talks a big game when it comes to trick or treating, but it never seems like they’re gone too long. Catherine’s brothers would always rake in the biggest bag of loot that I’ve ever seen. The Normans recently went up to Furman and took in a football game while they were there.

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