Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Notes...a Colt Base Hit!

Friday night Ceil and I went to pick up Will, who had cut grass with George Ewing. We ate at Ceil’s favorite Mexican place, then I went to pick up the kids at NP…they watched Herbie outside…bundled in blankets.

Early Saturday I took Will back to the Ewings for more grass cutting, and ran errands & cleaned up some. I picked him up and we got to the field at 1 pm for his 2 pm game. The Colt team was playing…they had nine, but their opponent only had eight, so they got Will to play the rest of the game. He singled in his only at bat, a nice line drive up the middle. His Mt. Paran Colt friends scored four two-out runs in the bottom of the last inning to win the game.

Coach Henry had scheduled four Saturday home games with one team, but told them our weekday road schedule was full, so we couldn’t play any games at their place. The other coach must’ve erased the games and scheduled something else, because they haven’t showed up, and won’t return Henry’s calls. So we had another practice. Anna and I did a lot of running around in the outfield, then I went home and washed both cars, scrubbing extra hard to clean the buggy front bumpers. That night my back was hurting bad.

Ceil took Anna and Matthew to NP and got a sermon CD, which I’ll listen to this week. Will and I went to the 8:30 Johnson Ferry service…they are doing a similar sermon series based on the book “Ten Lies Ten Truths” …saw John Parkes and John Adair in the choir. Next week we’ll all go to NP. I was how wondering if the Browns Bridge opening would effect traffic.Last night our fiends came over to pick up their dog that we kept Saturday night. Their son plays bass at a new NP video church in downtown Birmingham. They said Andy made reference to 2004 in the message…I suppose they can pick which series to air.

I noticed the Braves had published the 2007 schedule in the handout we got at that Astros game. Looks to be the opposite of the 2006 schedule…they close on the road in Houston. I want to see the Cards, one of the few teams Will hasn’t seen. They’re in town the weekend we return from the beach in July. The Tigers come to town in June…Will has seen them, but Matthew hasn’t. With the schedule out, now I can start to plan next year’s SF trip.

No big loss to lose Ken Ray, though it is a little newsworthy, I suppose.

I played golf Thursday like a guy who only picks up a club a few times a year…worse than in August, worse than last year. Had a good time, though, and the course and weather were great. Good to hang out with my co-worker.

They opened the new gym in the little East Cobb Presbyterian Church not far from the Avenue. I’m trying to talk one of the members into organizing before work basketball. I’ll let you know if it happens. When we lived in Morningside I would meet some guys at the Second-Ponce gym. Sometimes we’d run together around Buckhead, or they’d be on the treadmills while I ran the track or swam…they weren’t the basketball type.

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