Monday, January 08, 2007

Pre Christmas Tidbits

Another on the go weekend before Christmas Eve weekend. Hopefully new year's weekend won't be too busy. Friday night we had a small group party. Saturday I worked around the house, got the oil changed and van washed, did a little shopping, watched Groundhog Day, took Ceil to dinner, and attended a co-worker's party at the new condos at Lindbergh, just before the HOV entrance/exit...the Cosmopolitan. They have a great view of the city.

Sunday I drove down to Macon to check on my mom and raked their yard. Last night I was bushed!

We went to St. George's Island Florida on Thursday...7 hours / 380 miles. The plan was on Sunday to drive straight on SC...10 hours / 600 miles. We returned Wednesday...5 hours / 300 miles. The kids planned what to do in the van.

Matthew had bronchitis. The doctor says they’ve never been busier.

Will bought a video iPod, to play with on our 22 hours on the road. We went to Moes and Perimeter Mall the Monday before Christmas.

See the poll results on the Skip/Pete thing? They’ll be missed, but I like Chip and Joe as well. Ron Gant has always been bland to me. Got the Brett Butler book? My dad forgot to give it to me one Christmas, so I’m getting it this year.

Good column on SI by Lang on Christmas letters. I haven’t sent one out (yet), so he wasn’t talking about me!

We ate a work lunch at Ted's before Xmas . One guy had gone ahead to hit Trader Joe's, so he put in for a table. The rest of us were late...our sponsor coming in from Talladega was late. When they gave the last big table to a party of two, Randy complained to the we got excellent service the entire meal, including an immediate order of rings.

Whenever Damon tells a baseball news bit, he looks at me. He played a Parkview and Kennesaw State.

It is an encouragement to Ceil to have the house decorated, though we were never good at decorating the outside. The surrounding 5 houses...2 Jewish, a Russian from NYC, and 2 Christian households.

I'm not big on office parties...there haven't been many. I wasn't invited to the big wig party. The sit down at Fogo was ok.

Found a huge ($34,000.00) negative hit at work...not anything I personally handle. It will actually be good to have it hit this year, as opposed to next. On into 2007…this turned out to create quite a stir, and a bit of reorganization.

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