Friday, January 26, 2007

Week of January 22nd

Saw some of the women’s Tennessee / Duke game, including some of those long three-pointers. Then I got to watching Fox's 50 most exciting football included several from the high school level. Cal-Stanford was number one, and the immaculate reception was number two.

Every time I get an email from Reid with the title "Last Night" I think, oh boy...he’s been on another adventure!

Looks like I’ll actually be Will’s coach…the team will have 14 other players, so my job will be to make sure everyone gets playing time. There’s plenty of work to be done in practice, but I’ve already devised a split squad practice game with batting orders and defensive positions, with ten different pitchers and seven different catchers. I know all the boys except one. Another downside will be having to miss some of Matthew’s games, unless I get lucky. Coach’s meeting tomorrow night, first practice Saturday, during Matthew’s tryout. Hopefully Matthew will get the same coach as last year.

Went to see Déjà Vu…pretty good. I'm not big on action movies, but it was good.

A friend from Virginia is coming down to run in the Peachtree Road Race with me. He’s running a half marathon in March. The last few years I haven’t trained, and just run some and walked the rest. Guess I’ll have to get ready this time.

Any opinion on the Vick saga(s)?

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