Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dwight Howard

The Norman boys went to First Baptist Atlanta a few nights ago to hear Dwight Howard speak. Becky was impressed, but his dad did most of the speaking. Was it in the news that he’s signing a $80-100M extension? Lots of $$ being thrown around, with Ichiro and ARod in the headlines. Callers to 680 this morning were saying if ARod’s worth $35M then Andruw is worth $18M…that ARod’s off year was worse than Andruw’s…which I don’t think was true by a long shot, even if Andruw has a nice 2nd half rebound.

Anyone that knows JS knows he’d never trade Salty for Texeria…with Boras is involved, with the Braves hitting so well and in such need of pitching. I forgot Forster’s nickname was the Tub of Goo.

Of course Will and I watched the entire all-star game last night, though I dozed off some, and also was moving around cleaning up and stuff. Exciting end, which I did see. Will slept until 11 am, which is abnormal for him, but he’s been on the go lately. Now we can get back to the second half…many worry that the rest of the season will be tough for Smoltz, that this 2 -3 weeks won’t be enough.

Sunday Anna was bored, and “Guarding Tess” was coming on TV, with Nicolas Cage and Shirley McLaine. Anna watched the whole thing, and Ceil came in and watched the end.

A cheap gas station is the BP on Mansell, at the corner across from the Range Rover dealer, on the same side of the road as the RaceTrac, which is also cheap. Not the BP across Mansell from the RaceTrac.

Someone here at work saw the new HP movie yesterday and said it was the best one yet.
She’s going to take a nap before going to pick up her reserved copy at midnight and start right into it.

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