Monday, July 09, 2007

Friday July 6

Didn’t get to see the game Thursday night, though Will said he listened to a bunch on the radio before he went to sleep. Looks like Chipper could hold the Atlanta record for a while if Andruw walks…these days money is more important than ‘smaller’ records like that. We’ll see how the rookie does Saturday. Too bad about Pete Orr, but he was last on the team in total average.

Slow at work, but I’ve been trying to clear up a big problem and some old stuff, and get my desk clean for vacation. Three guys are gone next week, including my ogre friend, who I had lunch with today.

Since we had such a busy week, hopefully not much is on tap for the weekend. I need to visit Macon, perhaps this is the Sunday. My brother went down Wednesday and helped with yardwork, so maybe I should wait a few weeks. My Virginia friend showed me what I needed to do to finish roofing Anna’s playhouse, so Will and I will do that tomorrow, and start getting ready for the beach.

I need to go hard this weekend and book the hotel and car for the SF trip.

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