Saturday, August 18, 2007


I’m a sucker for collecting junk on vacation…pamphlets, maps, etc, and we may have set a record this time. I’m trying to go through all the stuff here at work, and it’s taking away from writing the recap, though I was counting on the info to help…details on what we did, etc. I forgot all we saw at Yosemite, and what all those things were called.

Had a great trip…no big complaints except Monday. Tuesday we were all worn out. I got to work late and tried to catch up. In the afternoon I learned I had to be at Carrier Athens Wednesday at 8 am, so that took up most of the morning. At lunch I took the van back to the shop and the emissions passed, so the repairs are all done. Friday I took the Civic to the shop…it’s making a bad grinding noise, and I can’t keep Ceil from driving it around…guess I should’ve left it at a shop while we were gone (it was just the brakes).

The kids are still on Pacific time…they slept most of Tuesday and stayed up late last night, then slept late Wednesday morning.

I know online banking is cheaper and efficient, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. I tell myself that writing checks and recording it on my spreadsheet helps me better track expenses, though I know I need to move on. I never write checks in stores, though every now and then Ceil has written a check for parking. I don’t carry much cash, but I’ve never been stuck in a parking lot without money. I don’t know why she writes checks when she has her hair done, unless the place doesn’t take credit cards…which would be weird.

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Melissa said...

Hey Dave! Yes, I'm still reading your blog... sounds like you guys had a great trip out to San Francisco...

Just a question... what in the heck does a "service cat" even do? Is it a seeing-eye cat? A seizure notification cat? Strange!

Please tell Ceil hello for me.