Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Recent Events

Matthew and I saw 'Meet the Robinsons' at The Picture Show...more for boys, but typical Disney. A good message for Matthew, to not despair over failure. But then he played in the big neighborhood whiffleball game and smashed the ball every time...right at people for he wasn't happy.

Watched ‘Catch Me if You Can”…a VHS I had bought a year ago but never watched. Hanks is actually in a supporting role. If you have a VHS player, you can have my copy. The book would be interesting, because it would be closer to the truth. Part of the story plays out in Atlanta – it would be interesting to know what hospital. Martin Sheen is also in the movie, and is funny. Good mix between funny and technical, reminded me a little of Leo in The Aviator.

Ceil’s dad’s hip-replacement surgery went well, but Ceil may go back after he gets out of the hospital. Ceil is good about things like that.

We went to the 11 am service, because I had to get Anna to a birthday party, so Matthew and I slept in while Ceil and Will went early to teach 4-year olds during the 9 am service.

Had new garage doors installed. We'll get new gutters, which we are shopping. Ceil has to find French Doors as well...know any cheap places? We need to do all that before we get the house painted. Now I'll have to work to clear out half the garage so I can park in there as well.

Need to finish the I can get those building materials out of the garage. I'm looking for old windows to put on there, but that can wait...there's a little siding to finish. I'll try and get it done by labor day.

We have someone taking us to the airport, though I have been saving Park/Ride coupons. Saturday I worked on the trip a bunch, and a little on Sunday and today. Need to do more tonight, and stay in trip mode from here on out. Reconsidering taking the laptop, since it's so valuable in planning / mapquesting, etc.

Got the hotel booked, but tonight I'll probably switch the reservation, and we'll spend the first two nights east of town, perhaps Modesto - closer to Yosemite. The agenda is coming together as well. Friday I'll have my eye on my watch, making sure we get back in time for the game.

Didn't see much of the game last night, though it sounded good. Ceil had a class on digital cameras, then I went to see Spiderman 3 at the late show. Part action, comedy, romance, etc.

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