Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday Night

Friday I was working late, though it's hard to get much done with others there. Will called from practice, wanting to go play in a game for Isaac's Cherokee team. Just before leaving I stumbled across a $185,000.00 error my temp had made earlier that day...on the very item I had fixed earlier in the day. It took me 45 minutes to fix it.

Then I took Pleasant Hill to State Bridge to Crabapple to Hwy 140 to Arnold Mill to downtown Woodstock, then north to the South Cherokee Fields...making great time. Got there in time to see a Longhorns player blast a huge home run to centerfield. During the ensuing pitching change, the umpire laughed that the homer had a stewardess in the flight. But Will and Isaac were nowhere to be found.

Called Josiah, and he gave me directions...a good 15 miles north, past Hwy 20. I finally found the field, Will, and Isaac's dad.

Will played well. At third he tagged out a runner, and at first he had two putouts and an assist. The pitcher picked a runner off first, and Will threw to the shortstop for the out. He also almost scooped up the catcher's throw in foul territory, on a dropped third strike.

At the plate he hit two hard line drives. The shortstop and third-baseman made nice plays to job Will of hits. He did single through the hole into right field for an RBI. His team won 4 - 3.

The drive home was 30 miles long.

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