Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Night Baseball Games

Matthew didn’t do bad pitching…25 balls and 7 strikes…struck out one batter, an ex-teammate.

It was a fun game…it spent lots of time with the opposing team’s parents. M had struck out all 4 times in the first 2 games, but last night hit the second pitch…grounder to second that Lucas handled for the 4 - 3 out.

Next time up Matthew walked on a full count, laying off bad pitches…later scoring. He’s running faster these days.

Then I drove to Alpharetta for Will’s game, past NP. They lost 11 – 3, but Will scored 2 of the runs…walked, single, and a sac fly RBI. Played short 2 innings, then in CF a ball was hit in the RCF gap,Will hustled over and made a sliding stop, then threw the batter out at second, by several steps.

Later with bases loaded the runner tagged on a fly to medium center. Will’s throw came in perfect…you could tell it was way ahead of the runner…then the 1B cut it – he still almost had time to turn and relay to the catcher. Everyone groaned when the cut was made.

Will played 5 innings in the rain today...a 16 - 1 win. Scored twice, had a walk, sac fly/RBI, and a bases-loaded double down the left-field line. Batted sixth and played left.

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