Monday, March 03, 2008

Practicing With Matthew

Saturday morning I got Matthew outside to hit a quick bucket of balls…he doesn’t want to work with Will, Ceil, or Anna…just me. He was bunting ok, so I encouraged him to bunt if he had the chance. I went over not swinging until a strike was called, though he then asked if he could swing if he thought he could hit it…of course yes. In the game he worked the count full both times, but struck out twice…first called, then swinging. I asked why he didn’t swing at the first strike three, and he didn’t know.

Out of the five innings, he played left, third, and right. The first hitter singled to left, and Matthew knocked the ball down, then quickly picked it up and threw to second, holding the batter to a single. Not too bad for a first game.

Sunday afternoon he hit two bucketfulls, and was hitting them halfway decent. I had gone outside because Matthew was out there throwing a ball against the house. He wanted to put up a strike zone he could pitch…certainly a first! I caught some of his pitches…not bad, but he’s probably a year away from pitching a whole inning.

Will’s travel coach appeared to be monitoring Will’s pitch count Saturday. I’d told the coach he’d thrown 77 Thursday night and had a little soreness, but they were scrimmaging the rival (and better) Prowlers…who Will had all the strikeouts against last year. He only pitched an inning and threw too many high pitches, but an error and misplay prolonged the inning. He threw 25 pitches, and made a nice play on a bunt. Late Sunday he said his arm felt great.

We have been on the go for over a week and I was afraid Ceil was ready to crash, but she was up for one more party Saturday night. She had left Matthew’s game early to go to Will’s scrimmage, and left late from there to go to the grocery, and back home to get ready. Will got through so late that we just came straight there.

Sunday afternoon Will went to see Vantage Point with basketball teammate Holt, his older sister Marykathryn, and Will’s classmate/Marykathryn’s friend Abby. Afterwards they ate at Chili’s.

Did you know Catherine Norman is spending the summer in South Africa? Littlest brother Charles had his first game Saturday playing with Will’s old Mt. Paran teammates, and supposedly did ok. Had a big cheering section…two brothers and three other Flight basketball players, including Josiah and Isaac.

Actually got a little yardwork done yesterday as well.

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