Sunday, January 11, 2009

JV Boys Roll on Saturday, Too

Down one zip early, DJ’s first three-pointer put Flight ahead to stay. With Crown’s outside shooters off their game, Matthew Liener became Crown’s main offensive threat for most of the game, finishing with 11 points and five rebounds, despite a busted lip. Connor scored 16 for the second straight day, and DJ added fifteen, with 9 rebounds.

Like the JV Girls game, play was rough around the basket. Late in the first half Kevin scrambled for a loose ball. A Crown player made contact with him, and both fell to the ground, without a whistle. Both held the ball and writhed around before a whistle was finally blown. By that time tempers were short, and pushes were exchanged. The ensuing technical foul on Crown could’ve been avoided had the refs called a tighter game.

Early in the second quarter Matthew turned and ran into Will. The foul made Leiner’s lip even redder. Later Will fouled Matthew again, and Matthew made 2 of his 7 foul shots, on 8 attempts. Meanwhile Flight went on a 25 – 6 scoring run, aided by many unselfish passes. DJ dished out to Connor for a fourth quarter three. Josh passed to Jake for two. Kevin passed to a driving Connor for a layup, then outside to Connor for another three. Connor returned the favor, fed Kevin for a basket. Will inbounded to Kevin for another two points.

Connor’s defensive highlight was blocking tall Matthew’s third-quarter shot. Jonathan Blair sank a three-pointer. Will ended the scoring by flipping up a prayer from under the basket. Miraculously, the ball went into the basket, and the crowd went wild.

Flight 9 18 34 53
Crown 5 7 14 33

Connor…16 pt, 3 RB, assist, 3 steals, 3 blocks
DJ…15 pt, 9 RB, assist, 4 steals
Isaac…5 pts, 2 RB
Kevin…4 pt, 4 RB, 2 assists
Jonathan Blair…4 pt, 3 RB
Will…3 pt, 4 RB, assist
Jake…2 pt, 3 RB
Jonathan…2 pt, RB, steal
Ethan…RB, 2 steals
Joe…blocked shot
Joel…2 rebounds

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