Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pet peeve # 647

Have I said this before? People who stop at the top of interstate off ramps, when there’s a right-turn lane to take. Many intersections will have the “keep moving” signs. Old Milton at 400 doesn’t, but there was a pickup stopped there yesterday morning. Fayette County plate, so perhaps they were in unfamiliar territory. Ceil didn’t mind when I tapped on the horn, but never likes my Homer Simpson “duh, I guess I have a lane” remark. Of course the pickup headed for NP. I took an alternate route to my regular space, but the pickup parked about 100 yards away.

Cool that Andy got to pray at Wednesday’s Prayer Service in Washington. Funny “Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford” video.

WEEKEND: With Will in Memphis and Anna at a sleepover, C, M and I went down to Lenox and Jalisco’s Friday night. Cleaned most of Saturday. Will got back around 11:45 pm. His JV team won both games. The undermanned JV Girls lost both games, and both Varsity teams split. Of course they had a big time. Tuesday night Flight plays at Smoltz’s school in Alpharetta.

Since Will won’t get much baseball practice for the next two months, we went out Sunday afternoon. The Sandy Pains fields were full, but one field was open at Mt. Paran. I hit him balls at short and third, and he was able to hit the L-screen at first-base with a vast majority of his throws. I’m not an artist with a fungo, so he never knew what was coming at him. Still, Will only missed one grounder he should’ve gotten…taking balls on a very sandy all-dirt infield.

He hit a bucket of soft-toss, then I threw him another bucket. By the end of the second bucket he seemed to be getting going pretty good. Having taken off the fall season, Will’s hands had lost their calluses, and he quickly developed a blister. As we were finishing an old teammate arrived, and Will warmed him up. As we were leaving a team we knew was showing up to practice.

Glad Will and I had the field to ourselves yesterday…we got so much more done that way. It will be tougher and tougher to find empty fields. He didn’t throw from the mound…I just don’t want him to have a sore arm this year. He hasn’t thrown since July…I wanted him to recover, but now he needs to build his arm back up. Hard to do everything.

Ran both Thursday and Friday, right after work, so I was sore as well. I’m trying to get back into shape. There’s a track around a lacrosse field at the new Gwinnett Aquatics Center, right next to our Ptree Indl building. I’m trying to run every relatively nice day, since I’m trying to leave every day at 5 pm…that I don’t have a conflict. It’s 47 degrees now, so today should be OK. I’ve gotta get out there quick…it’s gets colder quick as the sun goes down.

But I did have more energy this weekend, and I got more done than usual. If my new desk has a window, it will overlook the field/track…and in the summertime I can see the kids going down the slides. Perhaps there will sunbathers! Anyway, hitting fungos yesterday made other muscles sore. Luckily, pitching BP didn’t hurt much (except the one knuckleball I threw). I just can get any mustard on the ball, or throw it far.

Friday night Joel Norman’s “band” has a gig in Kennesaw. Catcher Andrew and the ever-popular Kyle are also in the band…”A Quiet Fight.” Last night I saw Kyle…he was pumped.

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