Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Addicted to Wii Golf

Reckon I don’t need to play as much Wii Golf, it being New Year’s resolutions time. Last night I broke my previous record by two strokes, then made a double eagle on a par five. I’ll let Will find out the next time we play each other…last night he went to play basketball up the road at church. They had 22 up there…mostly high school and college guys.

My favorite “uni-Watch” web site mentioned Will’s basketball team’s rivals yesterday…two of the girls were wearing one high, striped sock each, in a game. They may have taken it from our girls.

Will’s Science teacher had to resign yesterday, because he wasn’t getting any work at his other job. He was well loved by the students and did a great job. He’ll continue to work with the youth at ECPC on Wednesdays, where W and A will see him.

Cobb Water came out last night and found roots in our pipes. I doubt the Zep root remover we got from Home Depot will work much…then we’d have to spend big bucks on digging them up. Durn Bradford Pears.

Didn’t stay up to the end of the Fiesta Bowl…did you? I was rooting for Texas, though.

Picked up my new (stronger) glasses, and they seem to be working ok. Staci seemed to like them OK…she looked like she was doing well when I saw her last night.

Saw a bunch of photos Catherine N posted…she appears to be doing ok as well. She will be graduating this spring…how time flies.

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