Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last night Matthew rode up to Living Science with me to get Will and the carpool. Gotta go all the way there right now to get Will, then backtrack to Alpharetta to his game. Not far from where my friend David moved…at least it’s west of Alpharetta Highway.

Glad Sutton is back? This morning I heard the new guy talking to Rude and Perry. Sounds like an ok dude…into fantasy football and baseball. He loved Uecker.

I heard Lang did ok last night (I couldn’t tune it in) but was amazed at how fast Holman could talk. He flew back to NYC…and could very well do tonight’s game against the Knicks. Last year he was bumped by Billy Knight…don’t know if Billy just didn’t want him to do it, or if Billy did the game himself.

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