Friday, April 03, 2009

Five Percent

Our CEO just announced a company-wide pay cut on all salaried personnel, from 5 – 15%. "Luckily", I should be in the 5% group. They’d already cut warehouse employees back to 32 hours. One competitor let all their outside sales force go, and they only had 2 on the inside. The inside sales force here has been calling out to customers, asking if they have any metal to buy. If they get an order, they ring a bell, and everyone claps. Lately the bell will ring 4-5 times a day, which isn’t bad.

Found out today that the warehouse manager, a guy I’ve known for a while, used to play high school baseball against Chipper. Said Bolles usually beat them bad at Bolles, but they played almost even at home.

Seven teens (2 boys, including Will), me, and Alyssa’s dad are going to the game tonight.

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