Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mark Lemke: Mall Walker

Took Ceil to Perimeter Mall tonight. Good times. Anyway, we parked in the deck and entered by the Nordstrom shoe department. As we headed into the mall we were passed by the Lemmer, in a heavy red Braves jacket. Most all the other shoppers were in short sleeves, many in shorts.

Dropped Ceil off at Anthropology and began my prowl. EB Games, Sports Fan Attic, and on to the far end of the mall, and down to a shoe store. As I exited, there again was Lemke. He had first been 2/3 of the way across the mall, headed in the OTHER direction. Now he was coming out of Dillards, heading back in the same direction again. Mall walker? Mall stalker? At least he didn't have on those weird glasses.

Second big moment. Next I headed back past the Clarke store and on to the massive Nordstrom shoe department (Ceil spends a LONG time in Anthropologie, dontchaknow). I was presentable, wearing an untucked black golf shirt, driving loafers, jeans, unkempt hair, and new glasses. Coming down the escalator, I spied a cool old-school Braves tee, off-white, black tomahawk. Checking it out, a saleslady ASKED IF SHE COULD HELP ME! Usually I'm too un-cool to be bothered with. NOT TONIGHT, BABY! I'm someone...someone cool!

Or maybe it's the terrible economy.

The night got bigger. We also hit Lenox, where Ceil found the reading glasses she wanted (five bucks...Yes!). Most times these days I never see any shoes I like. Tonight there were plenty. besides loafers, I got a good look at some Nike Lunar Trainers and about six different cool Pumas. AND we got home in time for Idol! I am so blessed.

Tomorrow? Bed, Bath, & Beyond? Good times.

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