Thursday, September 03, 2009

deal of the day

For ECB all players must purchase at least one pair of Reeboks from ECB. Spikes are $75.00 and Turf shoes are $65.00…turfs are required for warm-ups, so the fields won’t tear up. The ECB price for both is $120.00.

Co-worker Darryl found a Reebok liquidation store next to the Gwinnett Mall Costco. Went there at lunch, they have shoes for men, ladies, and kids…both dress and all kinds of sneakers. Sweats, under armor type shirts, long and short sleeve. Running gear and golf pullovers, shirts ($8), and pants ($14). NFL jerseys ($12), caps, and tees ($5-7). Huge duffle bags for $9…royal blue, an OK color…those are so large I need to get me one for the upcoming retreat. Right now everything is 40% off, a couple weeks ago it was 30%. Hopefully soon the prices will drop to 50 and 60%.

This place has real nice spikes and turfs…right now they’re $30.00 each. Soon I’ll take Will over there…hopefully he’ll like the spikes, though the Nikes he got last April are holding up pretty well.

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