Thursday, September 03, 2009

Practice Beat Down

Tuesday Will and I did go up to the field to practice. Willie’s dad Henry and brother David arrived at the same time…their team had a practice, and they invited us to help. Not as much of a workout for Will, but it was fun. Henry’s team was young and even more inexperienced than Will’s fall team…several newcomers, and 5 lefties out of 11 players. Will may play a few games with them, like he did several years ago.

It was cloudy and getting dark, and while taking throws from the outfield at second base, I must’ve not been concentrating 100%. A throw ticked off the top of my glove and hit me right on the tip of my nose. While continuing to take throws I checked for blood, but there was none. Doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage…my teeth aren’t loose, but I can feel that perhaps the roots were jarred somewhat. Later tall, long-limbed David fired in a throw that rode up and hit the fleshy part of my right palm, just missing my glove. Had to put ice on it that evening…yesterday it was just a little blue and sore. Rough night.

Another Braves walkoff loss…are we setting a record? At least the hitting seems to be coming around. Will Diaz ever be considered an everyday player? Seems like Medlin might’ve been tired from pitching not too long ago?

Finally read the SI Earl Weaver article. I liked Baltimore back in the 70’s, as well as the Reds. Boog, the Robinsons, Belanger, Palmer, Rose, Conception, Bench, Geronimo. My sister’s favorite Brave was Ty Cline, was batting in the WS and dribbled the ball out when the umpire got in the way of the play at the plate. Lang’s dad will like the Weaver article (I’ll sometimes mail him copies of articles he’d like, like the baseball card article), especially the part on how few pitching changes he made.

The guy at the ECB meeting told of a 15-year old pitcher not only playing at ECB, but taking sessions with a trainer where some Braves work out, and spending $500.00 on a performance review at Dr. James Andrews’ clinic. Guess they plan on making it all back when the MLB drafts him.

Wednesday I stopped by the Perimeter Costco on the way home. Bought HP # 7 for Anna, and Dan Brown’s Deception Point for me.

This cool weather has my sinuses acting up, and I haven’t felt well for the last week. It’s made the AC at work make the office colder. Matthew and I went to the pool last night but the water was too cold to swim, so instead we went to Kroger, the library, and bank. He may start guitar lessons soon.

Home school tennis player playing in the US Open…you’d think the Cobb home school bigwigs would hold her up as an example. I don’t really know…Ceil’s a lot more in the loop than me, attending 2 – 3 conferences every year. There’s one at JFBC and another East Cobb / Roswell organization, and several more…no telling where, if anywhere, they’re plugged in. Two of the more popular teachers, both male, did not return to Living Science, and several students left as well (like slugging catcher Andrew, whose mom still teaches there). Rocking a new BoSox cap, Andrew is at Veritas, where our kids go on Wednesdays. Abby left as well, she’s doing everything at home this year.

Here at work, we’ve made considerable progress organizing my account. There are more improvements in the works that’ll take time, and make things even better. It’s easier with customer being slow.

I probably shouldn’t, but after months and months of not entering any sweepstakes, I have entered a few lately. Interesting XM radio sweepstakes for a MLB fantasy camp trip for two.

Shaq has grown on me…didn’t use to like him as much, not that I like him like Jordan. Seems more assessable than most athletes. Didn’t watch much of the Tuesday episode with Pujols. Good that Pujols got some publicity…he deserves it.

This weekend I hope to paint the outside of the playhouse. Sunday afternoon Will and I (& perhaps Matthew) will drive to Macon. My dad signed us up for the 10K Labor Day race. I won’t set any records, but it should be fun.

This was so long because I first typed several topics I’d been meaning to write about.

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