Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy, Productive Weekend

Took off Friday & took Ceil around town. They didn’t have her size at the Sandy Springs Abbadabbas, and my brain froze when I couldn’t remember where Little Five Points was (all I could think was Virginia Highlands). We were headed to Decatur anyway, so we hopped on 400 downtown, then over to Little Five via the parkway. We spent some time driving around Euclid, Clifton, and Ponce, then the little streets in downtown Decatur looking at the little shops.

Ceil wanted to eat at the Dekalb Farmers Market…food was weird but good (squash lasagna). After getting groceries she went to Intown Quilters, while I hit a Play It Again Sports next door at North Dekalb Mall. Found an interesting Akadema Ozzie Smith baseball glove, but it looked too small for Will. Went home through rush-hour traffic, got the kids, and ate a late supper at Chili’s…Ceil had a gift certificate.

Saturday I got a car wash and oil change, then Ceil and Will took off for Clemson. Went to the Picture Show…Anna wanted to see Harry Potter. Sat A & M down in the theatre, then I went over and watched GI Joe instead. While I watched the Tech and Clemson games Matthew baked gluten-free brownees. I spent eight hours standing up, doing laundry and putting away summer clothes. Still got more to do.

Every week Connie Morris is happy with the Tech win, while I nitpick about Johnson calling too many passing plays. Sure, the receivers are open, but Nesbitt can’t pass accurately enough to hit them. Stayed up real late waiting for C and W to return (after 2 am!). Should’ve watched Taylor Swift on SNL, but I kept waiting for ESPN to recap the GT OT thriller…maybe I missed it, but they hardly mentioned it.

Got up and took the kids to North Point, riding the shuttle with my new retreat friends, the Howells. Ceil slept in, then came to the second service. I liked the bad karaoke singer, but thought he was funnier the first time they had him. Took a nap Sunday afternoon (so did Ceil) then took Will to youth group, and Matthew to Moes. Ceil and Anna went shopping and to Willies. Missed my beloved Sunday night Newhart fix on WGN.

Moes has the free $5.00 with purchase of a $25.00 gift card again.

Could be a long year for Tech hoops. Hewitt is good at choosing his words so he won’t get boxed into a corner. He got into an argument with Jeff Schultz about whether or not GT would make the NCAA tourney. If they don’t have a good year this year, he’ll just say his team was too young. Then Favors will leave, giving Hewitt an excuse for next year. All the while he just rakes in the big bucks. Perhaps football is taking in more money these days, giving the GTAA enough money to buy out Hewitt.

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