Thursday, November 19, 2009


Was looking forward to going to Saturday’s Clemson/Virginia game. Ceil wanted me to drive the 20 MPG van instead of the 40 MPG Civic to ferry the Jefferson-Abbeville crowd. But Will decided to stay home and go to a party, so the trip is off.

None of us are looking forward to Thanksgiving, except the kids can’t wait to go to SC Thursday night or Friday. Don’t know if there will be a Clemson@SC ticket for Will, much less me. The boys/men will go paintballing Friday. I’ve done that twice…now I’m retired. Don’t know if I can watch GT/UGA in peace. I’d just as soon stay home and work on much needed projects.

In SC 15-1/2 year olds can get their drivers license. Will’s cousin was given a spruced-up pickup truck by his other grandfather, and has been driving for three months. Tuesday someone pulled out in front of him, and he was rear-ended…totaling the pickup. Wednesday he was involved in another fender-bender. Thursday HIS cousin, his next-door neighbor and a college junior, had a wreck.

Took off Friday. Ate for free at Fuddruckers Thursday, and just missed seeing the Ogre and Brad, who sits next to me.