Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UniWatch Mention

Sent the pictures of Will pitching and hitting in stirrups to UniWatch, and they posted them Monday. I forgot to mention Will’s name, so the Flicker photo file they created was named “David Murphy’s Son”. Will’s ex-teammate Josiah noticed the catcher was a lefty.

Will’s coaches posted who made his home-school spring team, Crown. His classmate Charlie V didn’t make it. He was the one who was so excited when he hit the home run. I’m sure Charlie is quite disappointed. Just ran the stats for the fall team. Will led in many categories but the two youngest Howard brothers, hitting near the bottom of the order, were tops in average, OBP, & OB+SLG. But in nine games, together they were caught stealing seven times.

Didn’t realize Will did not allow an earned run the entire fall, and only one unearned run in his 15.3 innings. He struck out 30 and walked only six, throwing 64% strikes. BAA was .157 and OBA .259. And he doesn’t like to pitch. His batting stats should’ve been better give the competition: .417 average and .517 on base. Five of his ten hits were doubles.

Actually watched chunks of the last three Hawks games, against the Celtics, Hornets, and Blazers. Nice to win at Boston, and come back and beat the Hornets the next night…even without Chris Paul. Then they were down ten most of the Blazers game, then finally came back. Should be an interesting year. Josh Smith still worries me, he’s not a warrior. Perhaps he’ll learn from vets like Joe Smith and Crawford.

Speaking of the Hawks, Will became Facebook friends with Lang, then noticed Lang was friends with Al Horford (who had 1500 friends). Now Will is friends with Horford, and I think Chris Paul as well. I tried to become friends with Louie Giglio, but he had evidentially reached the max…he has 5001 friends. Noticed one of them was Catherine Norman.

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