Wednesday, November 25, 2009

long sleeve running shirts

I’m a sucker for long-sleeved crew-neck running shirts…whenever I see a nice one at a thrift store I grab it, even though I don’t need any more. Decided to make a list, to see just how many I had. I ranked them, putting my favorites at the top.

1. FILA navy…big, but nice

2. Nike navy/grey…nice, but too big

3. Lands End Navy…just right

4. Lands End Black

5. Black off-brand

6. Nike grey

7. Russell Catawba Athletics cotton navy

8. Reebok silver…kinda slinky, like under armor

9. Hind red…a little tight, and bright

10. Hind royal…same as the red one, but brighter

11. Puma white…tight, can’t wear underneath.

12. Starter white…too tight, gave to Will.

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