Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

Friday night I wrote a short scene for Will and Caleb to perform during the Jekyll Trip. He needed it Saturday morning, and he liked it. I was at the trip meeting all morning, and Will was there all day. That night he went to a movie with friends. Looking forward to next week's trip.

Saturday night I drove C, A, and M up to see Tangled at the Picture Show, but then I went back to watch the Final Four. Sunday I went down to Macon all day, working outside most of the time. Missed the Braves game and Twitter updates, which weren't as frequent as usual. Heard Hudson slid into home headfirst.

Sunday Will taught his class, then studied all afternoon. Despite the regular load of Living Science classes all week, the kids are in spring break mode. For some reason Anna went to Rock City on Monday. Will is angling to spend time in North Georgia with Haley and MC's family, though he has a game Tuesday night.

Braves bunting...I'm ok with Gonzalez, Hanson, or McLouth bunting. I figured the bunt was on because the hitter wasn't that good. Looks like McLouth is already back to his free-swinging ways, which isn't good. Mark Bradley is already going after him. Matthew wants to go to next Sunday game, to see the Averitt Brothers concert afterwards.

We'll need to check out Uncle Julio's...I've seen the one near Perimeter Mall.

When playing Wii Golf, I always wish I could take another shot on the same hole. Now I've started playing more than one player per round. Since its Masters week, I'm wearing a different Masters shirt every day.

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