Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back At 'Em

Jekyll trip was good, weather was great: not too hot, with a gentle breeze. The day at Cumberland Island was also nice…it went quicker than the identical trip four years ago. My arms and legs looked like I had the measles, I had so many bug bites. A, M, and I got back last Saturday evening, and Will returns Friday night.

Sunday afternoon I took a nap, and Monday night I went to bed shortly after a late supper. Got plenty of sleep hours on the trip, though I really didn’t sleep that great. The physical exertion wasn’t too bad.

Last night I took A and M to their class in John’s Creek, and didn’t get home until after nine. Ceil went over to David & Laura McDaniel’s home off Moores Mill…Karen Marsh was there.

Not too much else going on…work is pretty well caught up.

Looks like we’ll be in town for Easter. Anna has an all-day rehearsal Saturday.

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