Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good News Bad News

Wednesday I left work about 6:15 and swung by the library and Dollar Tree. Ceil cooked steak, lima beans, and salad. Turned on the debate and worked on the computer. Monitored the Braves on my phone. But then...
1. Got a call from work at 10 pm. Bad!
2. A late delivery couldn’t be found. Bad!
3. Sent texts and emails but received no response. Bad!
4. Co-worker went in and was getting 4 am emails. Bad!
5. At 6 am the parts were found. Good!
6. Quality rejected the parts. Bad!
7. More parts could deliver by noon. Good!
8. But the customer would run out of parts by 11 am. Bad!
9. Quality then reported only one part was rejected. Good!
10. Truck with next shipment delayed 1-1/2 hours in traffic. Bad!
11. Parts still delivered before the shop closed. Good!
This is what every day is like.
Meeting day for me – 10 am and 11 am, then a noon focus group near Perimeter Mall. Another emergency came up just as I was leaving for my focus group. My phone died and I had to borrow a charger. Talked on the phone the whole way over to Perimeter Mall. One other lady was there. I almost mentioned I thought it was supposed to be a one on one interview. They took her in for the 75 minute session and kept me out. They had overbooked, and I got paid immediately just for showing up. I got to go back to work. A good deal!
Busy Tuesday – a bunch of stuff that had to be done immediately all day long. Worked until 7 :20 and drove straight home. Ceil had fixed Edie’s Mexican Dinner recipe, but she wants to try it again to make it better. She’s been addressing wedding invitation envelopes at night. Flipped past the Braves and at 9 pm turned over to The Middle. Every night the Hallmark Channel runs four episodes back to back. Also worked on the computer. Same old stuff.
Packaged three eBay items: an old catcher’s mitt, a Dan Marino jersey, and a bobblehead. Today I sold some placemats we’d never used.
After Tuesday I had worked 25 hours for the week. After yesterday I was at 36 hours. After today it will be 47 hours. I think my brain just reached its weekly limit. The lady behind me was calling in the pizza order for tomorrow. Maybe I can make it after all. Also Krispy Kreme. Usually I can avoid the donuts pretty well because they never taste as good as they look. But Pizza Hut pizza is hard to pass up. They might be having Mellow Mushroom upstairs.  
Flip over to the Clemson Louisville tonight. Between offensive plays on the Clemson sideline are two guys holding up the play cards. The one wearing a visor (not a cap) is my nephew.
Today is national cheeseburger day. At Fuddruckers you can pre-order a 3 pound burger. Comes with a pound of fries and a bottomless coke for twenty bucks. If one person eats it they get a free T-shirt and two free meal deals. Cut it into fourths and you’ve got four huge 3/4 pound burgers.
Sketchers has some decent looking shoes. Several comfortable looking black loafers that are almost like sneakers.

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