Thursday, September 10, 2015


Tuesday night I left work after 6 pm. M made himself a Cuban sandwich. Ceil grilled chicken and served in an olive oil sauce with tomatoes and spaghetti noodles, with salad. She wanted to watch the Williams sisters square off at the US Open. Pregame was John McEnroe and his brother Patrick. Announcers were Chris Evert and ESPN’s Chris Fowler. After the first set I switched over to The Middle. Worked on the computer and packaged eBay while M worked on his project on the desktop. Washed the dishes and watched the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

My Wednesday:

6:25 – left home Wednesday morning for work
6:40 – stopped at the Eves Road post office in Roswell to mail two packages.
6:45 – car wouldn’t start back.
6:50 – called Ceil to get her to pick me up.
6:55 – emailed work to tell them I’d be late.
7:00 – called mechanic to get their tow truck number.
7:55 – tow truck arrived.
8:05 – tow truck departs for shop with me as a passenger.
8:40 – arrive at shop
8:55 – Ceil arrives to pick me up.
9:20 – drop Ceil off at her school.
9:35 – arrive at work.

My afternoon/early evening was worse than predicted:

1:45 – leave work
2:20 – pick up M & McKinnon
2:30 – pick up Ceil
2:45 – gas up CRV
3:00 – pick up car at shop
3:15 – arrive home. Make popcorn, change clothes.
3:55 – take M & McKinnon to look at an old organ in Johns Creek. Talked him out of buying it. Did buy a Grady High football shirt that didn’t fit.
5:00 – drive south past the Normans house to river, where M says to drive north to the Avalon.
6:00 – arrive at Avalon and wait for McKinnon’s ride.
7:00 – arrive back home.
8:00 – supper: pork tenderloin and mixed vegetables. C also had mashed potatoes. Watched an obnoxious bride to be on HGTV who thought she knew more than the professionals, then several episodes of The Middle.

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