Monday, November 02, 2015

End of the Richt Era?

As much as I like him, perhaps it’s time for UGA to let Richt go. But when they do it will be a sad day. There is no finer man in college football. The day Mark Richt is fired will be the day that big money wins, and all things decent lose. Gone will be the days of developing good character, replaced with more arrests, cheap shots, and trash-talking. All black uniforms - you heard it here first. A better record is highly doubtful.   
Timing a firing is tough, depending on when the new coach can be hired. Fire Richt now and the rest of the season would be even worse. But the “fans” will complain until they do. Not sure who UGA could get that would be better. Making the change could be a gamble – things could not be this good for a long long time. Chuck Oliver was saying there would be more competition for college coaches this year, with all the openings at USC, Miami, etc. He said Miami should hire the Bama OL coach, a Miami grad. Richt wouldn't go coach the Canes.
Fans who called for Bobo’s head are already eating their words. Like Vince, I think Richt will stay in Athens after he is fired, but he'll keep a low profile. There would be no reason for Richt to retire for another five or ten years.
Fans say Richt doesn't display enough emotion. How do they know? They're not at practices or meetings. What do they want, a screamer like Tennessee's Butch Jones?
We’ve been through all this firing stuff before. Fans complain about the QB play and want the coaches fired forgetting they’d lose the #1 QB in the country. I sure would hate to lose incoming quarterback stud Jacob Eason.
GA/FL: three of the four interceptions were tipped. Was it the coaches fault numerous passes and punts were dropped? Take those away and it’s a different ballgame. I would stick with this new QB, that number 10 guy.
GT/VA: Justin Thomas threw 32 passes and didn’t do that bad, considering the running game has been non-existent. Is it the blocking or the third-string backs? I say it’s the poor blocking. If the offense can’t help the defense they have little chance of winning. Johnson finally gets a great QB but there’s no one else on offense to help out. Too bad, since UGA is beatable this year
Clemson: every time they travel to Raleigh the Tigers struggle. Not sure why. Those thought didn’t watch the game saw the blowout score, but NC State put a scare for three quarters. NCST QB Grissett may finally be maturing, or maybe Clemson’s defense was being overly cautious. FSU backup QB McGuire may be harder to defend than starting QB Everett Gilson.
Duke/Miami: ACC officials are kicking themselves. They wanted Duke and UNC to win out so Clemson can beat the highest ranked team possible in the ACC Championship game, to ensure a berth in the playoff for the Tigers. Duke looked terrible on that last kickoff, just standing around instead of trying to tackle someone. Every time there’s a great play people say it’s the best ever, when the fact is there are great plays every week. Rarely to they come against arch rivals or win championships or come in bowl games.
Fans following last week’s GT/FSU game on the FSU Football Twitter feed read the following four final tweets:
“GT takes over with 4:25 to go. 1st and 10 at their 37 yard line”
“Tie game. #Noles: 16 Jackets: 16. 0:54 left”
“Pass complete to Dalvin. 1st and 10 at the GT 42. #BEATGT”
“Turns phone off”
That last tweet was retweeted almost 12,000 times.
I like the Hawks, but it shows what the city of Atlanta thinks of the Braves when the mayor first negotiates to build a new dome for the Falcons and then says he’ll spend another hundred million to renovate Phillips Arena for the Hawks. Kasim Reed can’t lose another sports team on his watch – because he has aspirations on higher office. Will he become the next Cynthia McKinney?
The Braves played in downtown for 50 years and the city hardly lifted a finger to develop the area around the stadium – all the while taking in all the revenues from all the bleak parking lots. Unlike the Falcons and Hawks, the Braves were at a competitive disadvantage due to lack of revenue. To be able to compete for championships and draw fans something had to change. The Braves paid for studies on how to best develop the area and willingly handed over the results to the city. The Braves were ready to spend their own money but the city wouldn’t sign off on the deal. The Braves were up front with their negotiations, setting up dates for meetings that fell on empty city ears. The city wasn’t used to dealing with professionals not willing to continuously put off time and again. The city couldn’t believe the Braves would move out of downtown. They were wrong.
Next: people thinking the Falcons number one draft pick is a bust – after he had a tough game against Tennessee. The same person thought the Falcons should’ve picked Todd Gurley and had him return punts and kickoffs. Nothing wrong with the Falcons’ back from FSU, who reminds some former players of Barry Sanders.
I hate the Cowboys. Especially Dez Bryant. I like Romo as a person but not as a QB. Jerry Jones is like the evil emperor on Star Wars. I like the head coach.
Oct 28 lunch: Leftover piece of pizza from last Thursday. Leftover chips and salsa from last Friday. Leftover grilled chicken from last Saturday, plus a bun to eat it as a sandwich. Leftover hamburger from Monday. Patty had been in the freezer for awhile. Yogurt cup past the expiration date.
Friday morning I had to leave work to meet Anna to the car shop. Had to get some work done so it would pass emissions. A was getting a haircut so I had to wait until Ceil returned from her meeting at school before I could go back to work. On the way home I got a haircut. Ceil cooked pizza for dinner.
Saturday morning I cleaned upstairs. C and A went shopping. After College GameDay went off Matthew and I raked up the branches I had cut the week before. M blew the drive and deck, then I drove him to Cumming. Picked up Halloween candy on the way home. Watched GA/FL, GT/VA, and Clemson/NC State. Lot of cute trick-or-treaters – we almost ran out of candy. After the games Ceil and I went to Chipotle. They almost didn’t notice our costumes – we had to ask for the discount. We got our burrito bowls to go, and I still haven’t eaten mine. I went to bed before 10 pm and missed the end of the Miami/Duke game. With the time change I got a LOT of sleep.
Sunday morning I had to pick up Matthew and get the emissions done in Anna’s Jeep, so I was gone for several hours. Grabbed a Wendy’s chicken sandwich. Back home I cleaned and watched the Falcons. After the strong start people quickly forgot how bad they were last year. They also forgot how almost every win this year came in the last minutes, and required luck. This week they ran out of luck – and time. Packaged three eBay shipments and drove downtown to pick up Matthew.
This morning I drove up to Cumming for my last appointment with the vascular surgeon. They did an ultrasound and said I didn’t have to come back. The rain and traffic were bad. Drivers were going too fast. Two cars spun out on the northbound side. 400 South was backed up from Buckhead to Cumming.

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