Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eli vs Super Bowl QBs

Twenty quarterbacks have started at least two Super Bowls. Thirteen are in the hall of fame, or will be for sure. I’m counting Brady, Peyton, and Farve as shoo-ins.  

Eli Manning is one of six QB’s who’ve won two or more Super Bowls without losing one. Four are in the HOF and one (Eli) is still active. Will Eli make the hall of fame? Playing in New York will help his case. So will his Super Bowl record. These two things cover a multitude of sins. Heck, Jim Kelly played in the rival USFL before losing four Super Bowls, and he’s still in the HOF.

Other borderline cases: Roethlisberger has won two of his three Super Bowls. Playing for the mostly successful Steelers strengthens his case. Hopefully the second half of his career won’t be injury-riddled, casting a shadow on his HOF candidacy. I’m thinking he will make it, but right now he is no lock. Kurt Warner played in three Super Bowls during his mercurial career, winning just one. The shortness of his career may keep him out. Unlike Eli, Plunkett mostly played on losing teams. HOF voters usually ignore such players, even if their accomplishments surpass those voted in who played on championship teams or in big cities.  

Seventeen of these quarterbacks account for 35 of the 49 Super Bowl wins. Eleven account for 29 Super Bowl wins.

4-2 Tom Brady, Patriots #12 future HOF
2-3 John Elway, Broncos #7 HOF
4-0 Terry Bradshaw, Steelers #12 HOF
4-0 Joe Montana, 49ers #16 /Chiefs #19 HOF
2-2 Roger Staubach, Cowboys #12 HOF

0-4 Jim Kelly, Gunslingers/Bills #12 HOF
3-0 Troy Aikman, Cowboys #8 HOF
2-1 Bob Greise, Dolphins #12 HOF
2-1 Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers #7 (active)
1-2 Kurt Warner, Rams/Cardinals #13

1-2 Peyton Manning, Colts/Broncos #18: future HOF
0-3 Fran Tarkenton, Giants/Vikings #10 HOF
2-0 Bart Starr, Packers #15 HOF
2-0 Jim Plunkett, Patriots/49ers/Raiders #16
2-0 Eli Manning, Giants #10 (active)

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